railway sleepers  with built in seat

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railway sleepers «

Bench, steps raised bed made of railway sleepers. Fairly plain layout but useful for ideas. Might need anti-slip coating for wet-weather. Like the bench to the right (mostly out of picture).

Pratia & pavers

cement stepping stones Blue Star Creeper in between the stones was added to create an instant living patio. can be used with flagstone or recycled cement.

Plant climbers such as Ficus pumila

Plant rankplante soos Ficus pumila en Hedera helix wat aan die mure kleef, want hulle neem min spasie op.

Creeping Fig Vine...nice way to dress up a boring wall along the side of my house.

My current most favorite climbing vine is Creeping Fig Vine . We have it planted on a wall in our courtyard, and it has almost completely co.

Ficus pumila - Creeping Fig

Ficus pumila - Creeping Fig - grow on a wall in a narrow area to give the effect of a hedge with out the width. Shall cover a wall in 2 or 3 years as is a vigorous climber.

leptinella dioica

leptinella dioica