Style Your Staircase

Or any home! I love the idea of such a full staircase gallery wall. Keeps the staircase interesting and the rest of your walls and space cleaner!

Recessed stairway lighting

LED ribbons integrated into stairs. Late at night, the stairs can be lit (and safe) without ruining your night vision with bright overhead lights. Would also be a great way to really highlight a gorgeous staircase. @ Home Renovation Ideas

Handlauf beleuchtet

Handrail lighting detail -- LED lighting i like how this goes with the concept of how lines interact with a space.

Framed posters and publicity shots line the staircase, showcasing the many roles Catherine's husband has played #WTinteriors

colourful collection of posters, drawings and photos from an English actor's career unified by plain narrow frames in black or silver, white or grey mattes.

jj LOCATIONS - Hire Film locations, photo studios & event venues

jj Media - Period location house with modern interior for film/photographic shoots.

More statement patterns

DIY Inspiration for painted stairs. (image by Live Love Design).gorgeous, really should have bought a house with stairs!

Statement staircase. Painted on patterns.

It's projects like this that make us wish for even a few stairs in our apartment to decorate, and it seems a particularly quick and easy one, too. More pictures and another stair project after the jump.