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I agree with the last comment

Oh my gosh XD I can't breathe>>> THIS IS SO FUNNY! The vet last comment tho! << Lololol "rips apart your skeleton"

Old people say the best things. I love old people!

Old people say the best things. I love old people!<<and hit my aunt with a fly swatter

Fake! there aren't any cast members dressed as skeletons in the haunted mansion!

the three year olds trip to Disney World while riding the haunted mansion ride.

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The true function of a rubber duck. Also, counsel of rubber ducks XD

In this episode of Brits Think They're Soooo Special...

funny<< lmao they thought NYC was the largest,, not even close <-- Americans sure are competitive when it comes to their country.

Don't like the name of this workout but the workout is good

Want that beach babe booty come spring? Then try this beach babe booty routine this winter so you can enjoy yourself this spring and summer