R,S,V,P. I (1977), by Senga Nengudi, Museum of Modern Art, NYC by Eric K. Washington, via Flickr

Senga Nengudi, Museum of Modern Art, NYC ,. Tights and sand.

David Altmejd    Lovee

Whitney Museum Hosts Art To Buy - Whitney American Art Award

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Lucy Glendinning

Skins - Lucy Glendinning People shed their skins, and leave them crumpled and glossy on the wall.

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Lucy Glendinning- Skins 2011

Lucy Glendinning is a sculptor and installation artist, who works in a contemporary British sculpture tradition.

Modeconnect.com - textile art

An armour, a layer of protection distorting the bodies proportions. Soft tumor-like forms encase the body soft material takes on the role of a hard shell