Margaret Tilbury

Margaret Tilbury

North East of England  ·  Married, 57 years of age, working full time as an accounts administrator for a company that manufactures and installs bespoke kitchen and bedroom furniture.
Margaret Tilbury
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I'm always scared to say how I really feel. No one wants to hear "It's getting worse." Everyone wants to hear "It's finally better." But, what if it isn't?

"I'm always scared to say how I really feel. No one wants to hear 'It's getting worse.' Everyone wants to hear 'It's finally better.' But what if it isn't? What if I'm lying?" --- Dealing with PTSD, anxiety, and depression is a constant battle.

saycozodiac: Breaking Bad - Jesse Pinkman and Walter White

Breaking Bad, AMAZING tv show! Loved every season and episode. Turned it off the first time during the first motorhome scene then gave it a second reluctant try. Then I was hooked like meth.

I have plenty of favorite shows but The Blacklist is the number one show on TV…

The Blacklist - James Spader, Megan Boone, Charles Baker . The sole show this season that has hooked me. I swear I can't figure out what is going on but it intrigues me in the trying and I keep watching. Really enjoy the characters.

Shetland < This series is VERY good, I'm hoping there working on a new season. Its a crime show that takes place in the Shetland islands in Scotland. The scenery is breath taking to watch. Plus the accents are the greatest thing to listen to :)

Shetland S: / / BBC Scotland: About detective Jimmy Perez, a native Shetland islander who returns home after a long spell away.