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Painted by Polina Luchanova,born in 1977, The artist having tea with her family.

Site Polina and Dmitriy Luchanovo.Avtoportret children" oil on canvas, 2010 (thesis Pauline Luchanovo in RAZhViZ Glazunov)

Angels, Fairies

2 modelos hipsters que te enamorarán (en serio...)

Ben Dahlhaus, there are two things I hate on a man, a beard and hair longer than mine. but you might just have the most beautiful face I've ever seen!

Michael and the Serpent (c. 1952	Denmark) - Baron Arild Rosenkrantz (1870-1964)

Michael and the Serpent, Baron Arild Rosenkrantz Denmark colored chalk on paper

Violet Blue Silk Lily LED Lantern

Voilet Blue Silk Lily LED Lantern by littlewingfaerieart on Etsy neeeed