Tilly Longstaff

Tilly Longstaff

Tilly Longstaff
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Luke Dixon is a graphic designer who uses his website The Bear Hug Co as a mean of making his amazing illustrations accessible to the world. Some really amazing work on his site where you can buy his designs on tshirts, sweatshirts etc..

line portrait ex Untitled 2011 (Artist?) Could interpret for a black/white portrait drawing with beginners. contour plus pattern. love the close up. glue on black paper background/border

Eye paintings // Svenja Jödicke

Eye paintings // Svenja Jödicke "I see myself." Have students finish the sentence with how they see them selves in the future.

Lips. HeatherBuchanan on Etsy.

So my guy best friend practically asked this chic for prom and idk why I feel weird about it like I mean we kinda promised we'd be single forever and now he's probably gonna be dating her and I feel like I'm gonna lose a friend