herb garden in recycled tin cans and an old ladder re-purposed from @Aimee Lemondée Gillespie | Simple Bites

Recycled herb planters and an upcycled wooden ladder garden display. If only I could find a wooden ladder.

Moving Beautiful Things Since 2009.  6 Easy Home Decor Projects to Beautify your Home for 2017. We Move Anything, Anywhere.

Moving Beautiful Things Since 6 Easy Home Decor Projects to Beautify your Home for We Move Anything, Anywhere.

plant pots

TOP 10 Inspiring Low-Budget Ideas for Herb Containers

Tea containers to plant herbs for the windowsill in the kitchen. décor and I am a daily tea drinker so this works well for décor and display of tea containers and plants.

Windowsill Gardening on the Cheap: Balconies are great for outdoor decor projects. You can get a modern, retro, mid-century or even eclectic balcony mood. Use chairs, tables, floor lamps... Be creative and find more good home design ideas here: http://www.pinterest.com/homedsgnideas/


Windowsill Gardening on the Cheap: Vintage-Style Tin Herb Gardens - I stumbled on the idea of using tea tins for a mi.

Groovy oil-can planters

tins, WOW, old tins recycled in to planters or plant containers, or storage for garden tools, or an umbrella stand on the porch.