Maldivian model: raudha athif who passed away in RIP [ rest in peace ] Miss you my friend.

"Blue Eyes" by Angie Braun, Angie Braun is an German painter, known for working in the PopArt Figurative style. Angie Braun living and working in Germany.

How to make an awesome art portfolio for college or university

Award Winning Lily Lolo Creamy Lash Alert Organic Natural Mascara from London is easy to apply and will volumise and lengthen lashes to produce a dramatic effect.

Brock Elbank celebra a beleza das sardas e da diversidade em seu projeto #Freckles

Asha Chintaliou, photographed by Brock Elbank. “I’m simply aiming to capture and record some fantastic-looking human beings from all walks of life.

women of COLOUR

Photography Sketchbook Ideas – 16 Inspirational Examples

The black paper and vibrant colours in this Photography sketchbook result in a dramatic, eye catching layout. The pages almost take on a magazine-like quality, with large and small images integrated carefully within text.

marina siero (The Jealous Curator)

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