Tenth Doctor Master/David Tennant John SImm and RTD

Tenth Doctor and The Master/David Tennant and John SImm with RTD =)

John Simm!!

"Life on Mars" Pretty much everything about this was perfect. (Additionally, loved John Simms as The Master in Doctor Who.

Philip Glenister and John Simm. I really miss "Life on Mars."

Life on Mars - Gene (Philip Glenister) and Sam (John Simm)

john simm and david tennant

john simm and david tennant - weird to see them smiling together!

Life on Mars

Well you can't have a cop show without car chases.

Life on Mars/ Mad Dogs- john simm, phil glenister

Life on Mars/ Mad Dogs- John Simm and Philip Glenister

Life On Mars

Life on Mars

Liz White, Philip Glenister and John Simms from Life on Mars

In pictures: BBC at Oxford Road

As the BBC produces its last programme from its Oxford Road base, a look back at the stars and the shows since it opened in

john simm, phil glenister

John Simm and Philip Glenister, stars of Life On Mars

Philip Glenister

The official website of British actor Philip Glenister best known for his character Gene Hunt in the successfull BBC One drama series Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes.

john simm, phil glenister

John Simm and Phil Glenister

John Simm

John Simm - it's quite hard to find a photo where he doesn't look really smug and therefore kind've unattractive, but this will do.

Life On Mars - John Simm, Phil Glenister

čo je to za príbeh: To chcem vidieť .

Life On Mars

Life On Mars

Life on Mars poster with Sam Tyler

"I had an accident and I woke up 33 years in the past. a time-traveller or. a lunatic, or I'm lying in a hospital bed in 2006 and none of this is real." Life on Mars

Ashes to Ashes poster with Gene Hunt

DCI Gene Hunt from the TV programme "Life on Mars" portrayed by Philip Glenister.