Lassie was a must-see every Saturday in the 1960

Lassie & Timmy (Lassie was a boy dog and his real name was Pal and owned by trainer Rudd Weatherwax) and, over the next 19 years, a succession of Pal's descendants appeared on the series.

Ken Russell, 'Promenade in Portobello', 1954

'Promenade in Portobello', 1954 by Ken Russell, before he was a film director Ken was a photographer, view his 'Lost London' photos here

Hula Hoop - First launched in1957 by Wham-O.

1958 and the hula hoop was invented. And marketed. And every kid wanted one. I mastered it in no time. That girl in the back looks just like me. More fun than a barrel of slinkys. (I love jumpin through my hula hoop

A milkman delivering bottles of milk during his morning round.

‘No milk today’ spells trouble for milkman

A milkman delivering bottles of milk during his morning round. The sight and sound most people woke up to in the UK for generations now in danger of vanishing completely due to householders buying their milk and bread in blimin supermarkets.


This was a short, daily story-telling TV show where celebrities of the day read from children's fiction. I loved the show, and vividly recall listening to 'Stig of the Dump'.

Children playing and people walking their dogs in Hyde Park 1951

vintage everyday: Black and White Photos of Everyday Life in Hyde Park, London in 1951 Children playing and people walking their pets in the park on a lovely spring day.(Photos by Cornell Capa, via LIFE archives

Lollipop ladies and men

The lollipop men (& ladies) / the only way I could cross Newington Road as a youngster

Norman Wisdom

Sir Norman Wisdom English actor, comedian and songwriter. Appeared in a series of comedy films from 1953 to