David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough, by Richard Boll, 7 February 2007 - NPG - © Richard Boll / National Portrait Gallery, London

Frida Kahlo.

Frida Kahlo de Rivera was a Mexican artist best known for her self-portraits. Many classify Frida as a surrealist but she claimed that she did not paint dreams but her painful reality. When Frida.

Greyson Perry.

Grayson Perry and his teddy Alan Measles tour Bavaria on a customised motorcycle.


Derren Victor Brown : 27 February 1971 he is an English illusionist, mentalist, painter, writer and sceptic.

he really does rule

he really does rule

Barry White

Barry White, born Barry Eugene Carter, was an American composer and singer-songwriter. A two-time Grammy Award-winner known for his distinctive bass voice and romantic image,