A bit of manchester's music nostalgia of you <3 #madchester #80's #joydivision

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Postmodern Suicide: The intersection of Peter Saville Factory Records and Joy Division - Eric Mathias

Postmodern Suicide: The intersection of Peter Saville, Factory Records and Joy Division. Design by Peter Saville.

Madchester aka Manchester, England.

It's written in the pavements, Northern Quarter, Manchester, United Kingdom, photograph by Karen Bryan.

Clubbers at the Hacienda in Manchester, circa 1989

The Madchester scene - in pictures

Clubbers at the Hacienda, Manchester, England, United Kingdom, photograph by Kevin Cummins.

An iconic image. Factory runs through the veins of the city. It's provided or influenced the soundtrack to the city, from the bands -  Joy Division, New Order, ACR, Durutti Column, Happy Mondays, Northside, James and OMD; to the Hacienda, Dry Bar, the film '24 Hour Party People'; and the current club FAC251 in the old Factory Records HQ.

The Factory Club with Peter Saville, Tony Wilson & Alan Erasmus - Photo © Kevin Cummins .

Factory Records _ Peter Saville Associates

Peter Saville again, Factory records.factory, north of England etc. - for Kes Movie poster *Anthony Griffin 2834460

Sleeve designed by Peter Saville: Sleeves 1978-1981

“zombiesenelghetto: FAC A Factory Sample, Various Artists (Outer and Inner Sleeves), 1978 via Peter Saville Sleeve Design ”

24 hour party people - insights of the "Madchester" music revolution

24 Hour Party People The Dark Knight Minimalist Movie Poster: The Fifth Element by Aaron Wells.

Hacienda sign - Manchester

Hacienda sign - Manchester My friend Dave was one of the resident DJs.

(industrial) Manchester, England (UK). aka "madchester"

(industrial) Manchester, England (UK). aka "madchester"

Hacienda club

The Haçienda, Manchester - Went here lots when I was a student - Ninja Tune night with Up, Bustle & Out in late 96 / early 97 was ace :-)