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Eucalyptus green wedding color ideas /

I like the wood whole look of a wood sign with white cursive writing and greenery.maybe add a subtle pop of color

Sehr natürlich... Echt cool!

This gorgeous rustic wedding will amaze and inspire you, but not more than the genius way this bride saved a tons of money. (Tree service can cut one for you, at least inches wide)

best friend tattoo - congruent: meaning different, yet the same

best friend tattoo - congruent: meaning different, yet the same-prefect for me and my heart sister, my friend-Beth ❤️

glyphs tattoo designs. Simple tattoos with meanings.

dorka-in-a-fairy-tale: “I’m seriously considering getting the “create” and the “transcend” triangles as tattoos on my knuckles. but I will wait at least one year, just to make sure that I’m not high on symbolism or it isn’t just another wild idea of.


The semi-colon tattoo is a suicide prevention idea, my story go on. Here it's made with a heart as a best friend tattoo. This is one of my favorite best friend tattoos.

Bridal Bouquet | Pink & Ivory Roses | Baby's Breath

Roses are a classic choice for a bridal bouquet, and this is one of the nicest bouquets ever, taken against an interesting piece of furniture at a wedding reception at the Crazy Bear in Stadhampton