Combining two images of the same subject by slicing each image and then piecing them back together.

Self portrait ideas Mapping 2013 on Behance Use a process like this for "identity/self-concept" activity about skin color/shade/tone/palette. Put vertical photo strip of every child together on a couple images to make a collective face.

Introducing Marko–Photographer Matevž Kosterov introduces us to Immortal model Marko Bahor in a new series of photos styled by Ina Šercelj. Hailing from Sl

"With every word she was drawing further and further into herself, so he gave that up, and only the dead dream fought on as the afternoon slipped away, trying to touch what was no longer tangible, struggling unhappily, undespairingly, toward that lost voice across the room."

Nothing brings out poise better than a well fitted suit. Classy with a capital 'C'. What fun to throw in a hat for a little intrigue ;

Ylonka Verheul by Emilio Tini for Flair August

Ylonka Verheul by Emilio Tini for Flair August 2011

Magazine: Flair August 2011 Model Ylonka Verheul by Emilo Tini Styled by Elena Belini

Irina Ruppert: Rodina

Photographer Irina Ruppert retraced an epic childhood journey to recapture her memories on film

Colorful Food Art By Vanessa McKeown |

using everyday items, artist vanessa mckeown styles ordinary materials into playful and surreal 'fruloons & vegaloons'.

Natalya Reznik: Secrets

Natalya Reznik: Secrets

Anna Clarén: Close to Home

Anna Clarén’s breakthrough came with the photo series Holding The photographs depicted her daily life for four summer months in

Olivia Locher: I fought the law

In Rhode Island, it is illegal to wear transparent clothing. America’s Most Bizarre Laws Illustrated In Photo Series By Olivia Locher

Kirill Savchenkov: Far Away so Close

For Moscow-based artist Kirill Savchenkov, the suburbs are a place both mythical and real, existing in utopian visions and childhood memories.

John Wool

A collection of Braless women, see thru clothes, and nip slips. Please submit!

Doug DuBois: The Lingering Light of Childhood

The Lingering Light of Childhood: Doug DuBois' Ireland

The Lingering Light of Childhood: Doug DuBois’ Ireland - LightBox