Counting and number matching with paper cups. A fun math activity for preschool.

Counting and Number Matching with Paper Cups

Practice number matching with paper cups! It& a fun, hands-on way to learn numbers and counting. So grab the free printable mats and try this math activity

Numicon Biscuits - a great recipe for cooking with kids which helps with your math

Numicon Biscuits

Numicon Biscuits step by step instructions of how to make the biscuits; combines life skills and maths skills.

Numicon Odd and Even Numbers Display

Numicon Odd and Even Numbers Display - needs prettying up a little, but I like the idea.

Money problem solving - making 6p. Finding different ways

Money problem solving - making Finding different ways Key Stage 1 provision Year 1

Fire Safety Sensory Tasks

Fire Safety Sensory Tasks

Fire Safety Sensory Tasks Time: minutes Contraindications: Sensory overload Goal: This activity would be great for a child with autism who would benefit from both sensory activities and a safety activity. Increase knowledge on fire safety.

Play a game with Numicon shapes. This is great when you use the large foam shapes with 10 kids at the front of the class. Great for differentiation!

2 powerpoints to support counting and recognising numbers using numicon. The first powerpoint just shows the numicon pieces and the second powerpoint has the numicon pieces with matching numbers.

Numicon on

I ❤️ Numicon. The tactile and visual element it adds to number is fantastic. At the moment in Reception we are really just at the exploration stage, so I've but putting the numicon out with the pai.

Here's a nice introductory video on Numicon called Making Numbers Real.

Introductory video on Numicon called Making Numbers Real. Could be used on maths workshop for parents.