With a bridal gown

"Stand on a bench. Make sure it’s Monday. Wear something pretty." -- the rules set down by American fashion editor/reporter, turned photographer, Heidi Lender for the "Once Upon.

Paintings by artist Henrietta Harris.

Henrietta Harris

by artist henrietta harris Emphasis by contrast-we know what a normal face looks like. All is well until the face shifts to the right creating a focal point. The first thing you would say you noticed about this painting is that the face is off centered.

lisa kokin

California based artist Lisa Kokin- this would be a cool way to have a family tree hung up on a wall in your living room!

Christine Kim, Cut paper #art

Cut paper art by Canadian artist Christine Kim. Kim is a Toronto artist known for her unique collages, installations and paper works

Mooks by I Love Grey Skies

These strange little creatures are called ‘mooks’. found on etsy shop called My Grey Sky, run by an artist who uses the name grey skies.

drawings by stefan zsaitsits

Graphite Portraits of People Inconvenienced by Objects and Thoughts by Stefan Zsaitsits portraits illustration drawing


Found images, AND thread? Oh, be still my beating heart! by California based artist Lisa Kokin

Noxa, 2006, Dino Valls

Dino Valls "Dino Valls is a Spanish painter born in 1959 in Zaragoza, presently living and working in Madrid.

Love Always, Juanita by Lisa Kokin - Mixed media book collage

Love Always, Juanita Mixed media book collage, x x 1 inches, 2008 Lisa Kokin

Shadi Ghadirian

View Untitled from the Like Everyday Series by Shadi Ghadirian on artnet. Browse more artworks Shadi Ghadirian from Saatchi Gallery.