Collaboration Zone Furniture
53 Pins
an empty office with chairs and desks in front of two large windowed windows
an office cubicle with two blue chairs and a white table in the middle of it
Creed-Miles and Company
Installation of Connection Seating Tryst 4 seater media both with wooden legs and 2 tone fabric.
an office cubicle with chairs and desks in it
an aerial view of a living room and kitchen
an office cubicle with orange and black furniture
Creed-Miles and Company
Sven Screen D high back sofas with hood.
three different colored glass doors with stools in the middle and one on the other side
Creed-Miles and Company
Acoustic phone booth
an office cubicle with several tables and chairs around them in the middle of a room
Creed-Miles and Company
Movable divisional screens and seating, perfect for making and individual space.
a room with tables, chairs and televisions on the wall in front of them
Creed-Miles and Company
Installation of TV’S, power & data, Apple TV, pendant lights, booth seating and tables.
a circular couch in the middle of a library
Creed-Miles and Company
Moblie stadium style tiered seating for open learning within schools.
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and benches
Office Furniture - Creed-Miles
a conference room with chairs and a television
Office Furniture - Creed-Miles
All in media wall with meeting table and full cable management by Boss Design.
a room with two couches, a table and a television on the corner wall
Office Furniture - Creed-Miles
Are you sitting comfortably? Entente by Boss Design/Lyndon Design is one of the most comfortable collaboration work pods I have been in.
an office cubicle with curved seats and a round table in the center, on carpeted flooring
Office Furniture - Creed-Miles
Creed-Miles installed various away from the desk, 3rd space, agile working areas into London office.
an office cubicle with grey and white walls, round table and gray carpeted flooring
Office Furniture - Creed-Miles
Recent installation of 360 Hive unit with table and integrated power.