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Good enough to eat

Mouthwatering anime foods to try IRL

June 5, 2021
From bento boxes to bowls of ramen, the foods seen in anime never miss a single delicious detail. Here are some of the most drool-worthy on-screen creations to bring to your table, because let's be real—these are too tasty to stay in 2-D.

Bento boxes

These compact meals are typically packed with different textures, flavors and food groups. You'll often see them crafted with care and presented with utmost precision—a tender labor of love. Treat yourself or someone special with this delectable dish.

Red bean steamed buns

Soft and pillowy in texture, steamed buns are yet another taste of home. To give or be given one both offer warmth and comfort, in fiction and beyond. Try them with this famous red bean paste or a different filling for maximum flavor.

Creamy vegetable soup

Get a healthy serving of vegetables and a taste of your favorite anime with this hearty bisque. It’s a dish that, though popular and of many slight variations, doesn’t cause a stir—perfect for a simple, homemade meal.

Herring pot pie

This iconic dish is a family recipe made with canned herring, winter squash and a big dose of love. Salty, sweet and stamped with a fish design on top, it’s a special delivery through and through.

Strawberry cake roll

Dessert is just as much eye candy as it is a treat for your sweet tooth. Presentation plays a big part, whether the pastry at hand is decorated in pretty pastels or adorable patterns. No one does dessert quite like they do in anime, but you can get pretty close with this irresistibly cute cake recipe.


In real life and illustrated, ramen is a go-to classic no matter how it's served. Between noodles, broth and toppings, the variations are endless. Give this cozy creation a go for a heartwarming homecooking experience.