Cute illustrated wallpapers for some whimsical fun
Sweet moods

Cute illustrated wallpapers for some whimsical fun

Add a little bit of cuteness to your phone with these fun and playful wallpapers.
a vase filled with white flowers sitting on top of a grass covered field next to a wooden floor
Illusbyjo wallpaper
Atelier by Jo
Atelier by Jo
two cats are sitting on a bench in the grass under a large tree at night
aube blue 오브블루 on Twitter
two cats are sitting on a bench in front of a cherry blossom tree with a calendar
🥢° yajaira blanco  ₊ ⊹
🥢° yajaira blanco ₊ ⊹
a boat floating on top of a body of water filled with lots of colorful flowers
xuan loc xuan
xuan loc xuan
an animated city with lots of buildings and cats
Neutral post. Refill your drink, check your wifi and enjoy the cats.
two people standing on rocks in the woods under a night sky with stars above them
I stitched together screenshots from the first episode for a phone background!
a cartoon bear eating food in a bowl
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a cartoon character sitting on top of a toilet in a bathroom
Animal Restaurant on Twitter
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Google search template cute
a group of black mice with stars on their backs in the dark, surrounded by smaller ones
Anime Wallpaper