Fall lawn and garden prep
Rake it off

Fall lawn and garden prep

Although most wouldn't say they love doing yard work, pretty much everyone can agree that the results are well worth it. As leaves pile up and the weather turns to chilly temperatures, find some inspiration in the tips and tricks below.
a rake laying on top of leaves in the grass
5 Must Do Fall Lawn Chores - How To Get Your Lawn In Great Shape!
a woman kneeling down in the middle of a garden filled with lots of green plants
How to Clean Up Your Garden in the Fall When You Have No Time
a man is pushing a wheelbarrow in the grass with his foot on it
Make Sure to Fertilize in the Fall - Fertilizing - Sod Resources | ScienTurfic Sod
ScienTurfic Sod
ScienTurfic Sod
a pile of leaves laying on the ground next to a lawn with a rake in it
Is Raking Your Leaves Bad for Your Lawn? A Grass Expert Explains
How My Cottage Garden Transitions From Summer to Fall
Stacy Ling
Stacy Ling
trees with orange and yellow leaves in the fall
Fall Landscape Tips: Prepare for Winter | Tomlinson Bomberger
the grass is covered with yellow leaves
Fall To-Dos for Your Landscape + Garden | Mulhall's
mulhall's                                       garden + home
mulhall's garden + home
a wooden table sitting in the middle of a lush green field filled with pink flowers
Preparing the Lawn for Fall Outdoor Entertaining - Sand and Sisal
Sand and Sisal
Sand and Sisal
a man standing on top of a pile of dirt next to a lawn mower
How to Prepare Garden Soil in Fall for Next Year | ehow.com
many pumpkins are lined up along the walkway
The 19 Best Fall Trees and Shrubs for a Burst of Fiery Color
Better Homes and Gardens
Better Homes and Gardens
an empty yard in front of a house
Overseeding the Lawn & Preparing the Yard for Fall | Ugly Duckling House