Indigenous Peoples' Day 2022
Celebrate with intention

Indigenous Peoples' Day 2022

Today is a day to celebrate the achievements, heritage and contributions of Indigenous people all over the globe. Find out more about the movement and celebrate their cultures—today and every day.
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Everything You Need to Know About Native American Heritage Month
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Native American Cooking Hidatsa Stuffed Sugar Pumpkin | Fake Food Free
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How to Put Your Money Back Into Native Communities on Indigenous Peoples Day (and Every Day)
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Spotlight: 'IndiVisible: African-Native American Lives in America'
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Celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day All Year Long
two native american men standing next to each other with feathers on their head and the sky in the background
Native People of the American Great Plains
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On Indigenous Peoples' Day, meet the survivors of a ‘paper genocide’
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5 Ways To Celebrate Indigenous People’s Day This Year
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15 Indigenous People to Know in Canada | Elle Canada
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More cities celebrating ‘Indigenous Peoples Day’ amid effort to abolish Columbus Day
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6 Native American and Indigenous Charities to Donate to for Indigenous Peoples’ Day & Thanksgiving
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Navajo Corn Muffins, Native American Recipe
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Celebrate Indigenous Shirt - XL
Why I Love Where I Live
Why I Love Where I Live
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If You're Not Indigenous, You Live on Stolen Land
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Brit Reed Is Leading a New Generation of Indigenous Chefs