October memes to save and share
Have a gourd time

October memes to save and share

If October is your favourite month, get into the spirit of the season by saving and sharing these delightfully funny (and punny) memes.
two pictures of people sitting at desks with books in front of them and the caption reads, on october 3rd, he asked me what day it was
It's October 3, So Here Are A Bunch Of Memes About "Mean Girls" Day
a skeleton dressed in a fur coat with flowers on his head and the words me waiting for fall
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an old car with witches riding in it's trunk and the words get in close we're going hewing
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a person sitting at a table with a pumpkin on their head and a drink in front of them
The Best September 30th vs October 1st Memes for 2023
a woman pointing to her finger with the caption well i told you to stay away from those pole dancers, now they have you hooked
And it's time to scream this at everyone you live with: