The most amazing retail spaces in the world
Worth a trip

The most amazing retail spaces in the world

From Paris to Singapore, these stores are tourist attractions in their own right and a must-see.
a room filled with lots of clothes on racks next to each other and some shoes
New Activewear Boutique in Toronto Celebrates the Many Shades of Skin - Interior Design
a clothing store with clothes hanging on the wall and two tables in front of them
Studiopepe celebrates Thai craft inside Jaspal store in Bangkok
the interior of a women's clothing store
a room with a desk, chair and flowers in it
DS Studio Reinvents the Jewelry Store Experience for Mejuri in San Francisco - Interior Design
a large white sculpture sitting in the middle of a room with round lights on either side of it
FOG Architecture creates "modern cave" for ToSummer's Beijing store
a man's white suit is displayed in the middle of a room with multiple sinks and mirrors
Pretty in Pink: Gachot Studios Revamps Glossier's NYC Flagship Showroom - Interior Design
Interior Design
Interior Design
a store with a circular counter in front of it and an illuminated sign above the counter
FARM returns to origins for its design of Aesop’s new store | IndesignLive
a clothing store with clothes hanging from the ceiling and lights on the ceiling above it
Is This a Store or Just the Coolest Danish Apartment Ever?
a yellow chair sitting in front of a window next to a curtain covered room with a mirror
BIRO unveils concept store built on the philosophy of 'slow-shopping'
an empty room with several bottles on the counter
Aesop Chadstone & Carindale KTA | Interior Archive | VIC & QLD, Australia
a bathroom with a mirror, sink and yellow shelf in front of the mirror on the wall
This Piercing Studio Comes to Life With Colored Lights and Dynamic Surfaces
the palm trees in the lobby are very tall and have large white vases on them
Glossier's LA Store Is Here—and It's HUGE. Here's Your Peek Inside!
a brightly colored room with red, blue and yellow wallpaper on the walls next to two white pedestals
Glossier's floral pop-up store in London blooms with colour
a room with pink walls and an art deco floor
We’re Living for Glossier’s Art Deco–Inspired Miami Pop-Up
Kristabel | Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel Blogger
Kristabel | Fashion, Lifestyle & Travel Blogger
a display case with flowers and other items on the shelf in front of it,
Glossier Showroom + The MoMA | Sarah Michiko