What makes fireworks colorful? It's all thanks to the luminescence of metals. Find out more with this great graphic from NPR.

What makes fireworks colorful? It’s all thanks to...

Cole Hon What makes fireworks colorful? It's all thanks to the luminescence of metals. This great graphic shows what metals make what colors in fireworks! I really enjoy this graphic and I think everyone should take a look!

I wanted these pics so bad! But my venue wouldn't alway fireworks. I still want them one day though!

Sparkle + A Giveaway!

wedding sparklers a very romantic addition to your wedding photo's. Cute Wedding photo but I love Light Painting with my camera. Awesome idea Sparklers are the love in the air. -Emz (me)

i can't stop watching them, i love fireworks, i love this lamps. Amazing idea

I wonder if you could use the Christmas lights set to music idea for fireworks Lighting; different sizes looks like fireworks

Glue + construction paper + glitter = fireworks.

Glue + construction paper + glitter = fireworks another great activity to try!

Fourth of July rockets

11 Last-Minute Fourth Of July DIY Projects For The Whole Family

of July Confetti Popper Rockets. Need: paper towel or toilet paper tubes; bakers twine or string; ribbons for streamers; craft or needlework needle;

In-Home Fireworks Theatre

In-Home Fireworks Theater

Indoor Fireworks Projector - Now you can enjoy spectacular firework displays all year round, without leaving home, via this ingenious projector that beams countless customizable displays across walls and ceilings.

Fireworks Centerpiece

DIY your red, white and blue

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