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Infographic: How Many Aliens Are There In Our Galaxy? | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

Are we alone in the Universe? Based on Drake’s equation and what we know so far there should be at least communicating civilizations in the universe. We just need to find one.


This is the Walstrom House by California-based architect, John Lautner. Even though I would not classify this as a library per se, I find the design of the bookshelves in the open area floorplan as a unique twist to a reading space.

Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City

Fox Residential will find your dream home in your favorite neighborhood! "Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York City" I want to just walk in an area like this. There are some beautiful streets like this and I just want to take a walk and see them.

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SHATOTTO Architects designed the amazing SA Residence in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A square basic form made of raw concrete with multi storied buildings, apartments and a water court as swimming pool in the middle of the house SA Residence by SHATOTTO Architects