// restless Like & Repin. Listen to Noelito Flow. Noel Music. ((Candles, incense, paper sts, & smores))

I don't smoke but i like to burn things. i always have a lighter and matches with me because i like messing with em, but i don't smoke, many of my friends do, but yay asthma xD

All Is Not As It Seems With The Paint Covered Faces Below

All Is Not As It Seems With The Paint Covered Faces Below

There are healthy ways to fill the emptiness. Online counseling is a convenient…

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the disorder that we face in our everyday lives and this photo shows the emotions that we feel in our minds

I really like this photo as it is not just disguising the person themselve but it is also disguising emotion that the girl is feeling. It almost gives the impression of an explosion of feeling and emotion. It can also present the feeling of insanity.

fragmented/ syniadau unigryw a gwahanol i greu hunan bortread

This photo is very similar to Gordon Magnin in the style of which it has been digitally manipulated. It shows complete disorder through having several eyes, noses and eyebrows.

Looking for help: Edward blurred his face in this powerful photograph, which is entitled A...

Photographer captures his depression in series of self-portraits

Bipolar, mental illness, depression..... meds. Mental health is an issue that needs to end. End it at http://www.fuzeus.com

Am I normal yet? (PTSD, Anxiety, Depression, Degenerative Disk Disease, & Chronic Pain) I hate pills and yet they tell me that I have to take them the rest of my life.


Recent findings show that having a sedentary lifestyle can cause dementia in those without any previous predisposition to the disease.

Stuck in a dark cloud, trapped in anxiety/depression/mental illness as well as an imaginary world

Every Bride Is Bound To Have These 20 Wedding Epiphanies

just go with the gut- over thinking + past baggage = mind explosion. know truth - live love