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Homemade Stuffing

Homemade Stuffing

MOM’S FAMOUS MEATLOAF!!!!! I used 1.5 Tbsp ground mustard and 2/3 c oats. Wonderful!

Worlds Greatest Meatloaf: preheat oven Bake in a round pyrex dish or in nonstick mini loaf pan. lb meatloaf mix (Meatloaf mix is sold in one package & is a combo of ground veal, pork and beef in equal parts.

French Meat Pie......Thee GREATEST Meat Pie on The Planet!

FRENCH MEATPIE Pie crusts for two pies rustic potatoes-cooked and mashed-plain 2 lbs ground beef 1 lb ground pork 1 large onion diced 1 tablespn Poultry seasoning 1 tspn ground cloves 1 tablespn butter