Criss-Crossing Joinery of 'Gardenhouse' with Ledges for Plants

Gardenhouse, a remarkable concept from Chris Precht of Penda. The 'Gardenhouse' describes a single family house, which connects its residents to the surrounding landscape. The design is defined by .

penda_AThousandards_Render (8) 木头框架总体效果是很惊艳,尤其配上不同颜色的半透明围合幕,但是实际的方案做出来内部还是挺缺乏自由和识别度的。而且设备也很难介入?

A Thousand Yards Pavilion by Penda Penda designs modular wooden "village" for Beijing Horticultural Expo

this is an amazing design concept; 'the Gardenhouse' ...  Roof Terrace

Gardenhouse Roof Terrace -- Article ideas / Terrace Ideas For Articles on Best of Modern Design - So many good things!

Green Ladder / Vo Trong Nghia Architects

Green Ladder / VTN Architects

Image 1 of 15 from gallery of Green Ladder / Vo Trong Nghia Architects. Photograph by Brett Boardman

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