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an artist's studio with lots of art work on the walls and desks
INSTAGRAM — Melissa Mohammadi
two chairs and a table in front of a small wooden cabin with sliding glass doors
Gallery of Wiki World Forest Cabins / Wiki World + Advanced Architecture Lab[AaL] - 27
an overhead view of a table and chairs in a room with glass walls that look out onto the jungle
a person standing in the doorway of an old metal building surrounded by trees and bushes
The Bothy at Inshriach | Bothy in Highland | Canopy & Stars
a small black cabin in the middle of some trees and bushes with potted plants next to it
custom huts | Chalk Road
two pictures side by side with the same house in different sections and one has stairs leading up to it
This Architect Built A Home Office Out Of A Shipping Container
the house is covered in vines and leaves
Maison G1 • Saint-Tropez — Vincent Coste Architecte
the building is made out of wood and has an orange door in front of it
a woman standing in front of a white door surrounded by trees and plants on the sidewalk
Gallery of Tropical Shed / Laurent Troost Architectures - 16
two people are sitting in an open bookcase surrounded by greenery
Gallery of Writer’s Shed / Matt Gibson Architecture + Design - 3
an outdoor room with grass growing on the roof and doors open to let in natural light