tom stewart

tom stewart

tom stewart
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To all girls... You don't have what I have..... ;)and I'd love to kiss and suck what you have xxx

)and I'd love to kiss and suck what you have xxx


I'm practicing wearing skimpy lingerie and keeping things tucked away because this summer, mom and dad are going to let Tommy stay home while Emily Ann goes on vacation with them to the beach!

TRAPer Keeper

This is a male girl,she bet herself in a card game,& she lost, so a space majjishin gits 2 tirn her feemale & rock her wirld ! She woent B normal aygin, 4 nearley a munth !

Oh shit she's hot

Sissy Feminization, Male to Female Transformation, Trap, Passable Crossdresser, Sissy Tasks Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional.

Which is the boy?

One day my wife asked "Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be a girl?" I told her no but she just went full speed making a girl out of me. I'm so glad she did, I love being a girl now!