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Never to much for me

32 Manliest Overly Manly Man Memes [Gallery] : The Lion's Den University--- so Ron Swanson!

Need this for reasons.

Funny pictures about Brilliant Octopus Candle Holder. Oh, and cool pics about Brilliant Octopus Candle Holder. Also, Brilliant Octopus Candle Holder photos.


Never trust someone who takes hours to text you back, but when you're with them they always have their phone in their hand, texting. - I don't know if not trusting such a person is exactly how I feel, but it does make me wonder.

How I feel dealing with most people

I'm done with other people's shit. I'm done with my own shit. I'm done with over thinking, being self-conscious and making myself feel bad. I'm done with being that sad girl.

I'd rather they just didn't bother

Read More About Actions speak louder and truer. Believing someones actions above their words will protect you from the wrong people if you pay attention, don't ignore, excuse or rationalize away the duality and fol.

All the time

Do you ever feel like people just forget you exist and have feelings too? Obviously me and my feelings just don't matter at all.

Being quiet doesn't mean you have nothing to say.

Being quiet doesn't mean you have nothing to say.