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the new makata portable microwave is available for purchase from microwave in canada
Makita- Cordless portable Microwave
a man is using a drill to attach the cordless driller on a table
New Makita Drill ! DHP489 #makita #powertools #drill #dhp489
a person is holding a yellow hose and pointing it at something on the table next to them
The Knipex 902525 is the ultimate cutting tool 👀 #knipex #review #tools
a man is holding a cordless drill in one hand and an electric screwdriver in the other
Badaptor- The Universal Power Tool Battery Adaptor
a close up of a wooden object in the grass
a man is standing on the sidewalk with his back pack and luggage in his hands
Did someone say POWER? 💨 The Makita UB002C Backpack Blower in action! Coming soon...
a man holding a cordless driller in front of a box filled with tools
Tool in action: Bosch GSB 18V-150 C 🔵💥 Available I'm our BOSCH BLUE BONANZA SALE! Link in comments.
a man is snowboarding in the snow with his hand on top of something that has been attached to it
Bosch GSB 18V-90 C in action! 🔵💥 Available in our BOSCH BLUE BONANZA...
a person using a power tool on a bench
Makita DJR189 Reciprocating Saw cutting through like it's butter 🧈 Link in comments!
a blue machine sitting on top of a piece of wood in front of a building
Makita UC011G Chainsaw cutting through like it's butter 🧈
a man standing in front of a blue bucket filled with dirt next to a parking meter
Makita UT001G Paddle Mixer in Action 👀 Link in comments!#makita #makitatools #makitapowertools #xgt
a machine that is working on some wood
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Challenges, Tomorrow, Fast Times, North London
JOIN US in North London TOMORROW... Prizes for the fastest time! 👀 Link in COMMENTS for all details!
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BOSCH BLUE BONANZA 🔵💥 Link in comments!
a snowboarder is laying down on a wooden board with the words bonanza above it
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