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'Bedtime Stories' Commissioned Illustration
A commemorative piece of artwork created for Dorset County Hospital Kingfisher Ward in memory of Daisy Smith. Filled with comfort, cosiness and magic to warm the hearts of those who visit or stay on the ward.
You make the world a brighter place. Hold onto your light 💛
For more heartwarming and comforting words and illustrations head to the link below to explore a world of comfort and magic
Constant reminders of love
Creating an illustration for someone after they have lost a loved one is something very special. It’s wonderful to hear about the magical things that they loved and to find a way to illustrate something beautiful which allows me to pour that love onto a page.
a book shelf with books on it and the words pick a better bedtime story
Pick a better bedtime story
Bedtime worries can keep you awake for hours, I hope you can remember lovely things about yourself and your world before you drift off
Bedtime stories illustration
A commissioned illustation for Dorset County Hospital children’s ward in memory of a beautiful girl . I hope this cosy illustration will bring comfort to those who need it.
Unhelpful thoughts, doubts and fears
Hidden Monsters comfort the shadows of your darker thoughts, especially the ones we might have learnt to shut out.
A little book of comfort for the doubts and fears you hide inside to try to measure up to the world around you. Understanding, Fear, Empowerment, Serenity
Reading ‘Adultish Wonder’ from my new book On The Shoulders Of Giants