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a poem written in black and white with gold stars on the bottom, above it is an image of a star that reads she let herself go
She Let Herself Go
Spring is a wonderful time of year for letting go and fresh starts 🌱🌸☀️ wishing you courage and freedom to follow your heart and to fill it with more and more of the things you love 💛 ‘She Let Herself Go’ is one of the 12 poems in my book On The Shoulders Of Giants. Available in Paperback and Hardback on my website. A beautiful gift for anyone wanting a little comfort and permission to be themselves.
a white rabbit is sitting in the snow
Cutest Bunny Contest
A little rabbit and a bear walking along together with the words “I’m walking this way too” Buddha, Ideas, Happiness, In This Moment, Short Poems, Lost Love
One moment of your day 💛
A little time in your company would make all the difference to someone
Take your time
Books with hugs, comfort, love and understanding.
Its always lovely to hear reviews that desribe the impact of these books. Each one self published in small batches and lovingly printed in the UK
A little magic in the post can brighten someone day
Find heartwarming cards designed to brjng comfort to those you love through the post.
A poem that reads: 

Where the world feels dark and quiet 
And there’s no one to be seen 
My phone in hand a tumbleweed
Of apps to roam between 

Then out across the darkness
The grey ticks turns to blue 
Three dots appear and ‘typing’
A nighttime hug for you

“Let’s catch up soon. I love you. 
I hope you’re sleeping tight”
A little dose of magic
And comfort in the night Thoughts, Hug You, Turn Ons, Love You, I Love You, Fear
Nighttime Hugs