Making Mr Bear

Behind the scenes of creating Mr Bear
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two small gray mice on pink and white striped towels
Mouse gets a night dress for a new Mr Bear animation
How to turn your illustrations into stop-motion animation: 10 expert tips
Scene change for Mr Bear from summer to winter
Winter’s coming in the corner of the forest! ❄️❄️❄️ snowy trees are my fav. It’s actually spring here and I’m adding in some cherry blossom 🌸🌸 another fav! Scene change for more Mr Bear stopmotion.
A little photoshop hack for editing multiple images at once …for Mr Bear’s Day Out.
Creating a window for a Mouse to look out and watch the snowfall in the forest in my animation.
Mr Bear and Mouse sitting with me in a cafe with a flat white and the Tales Of Mr Bear book with us Mouse, First Love, Wonder August, Heartwarming, Lionheart
Taking Mr Bear and Mouse for a coffee
A day out for the much-loved Mr Bear And Mouse.
A quick story about how The Tales Of Mr Bear came to life ☺️💛
Beautifully illustrated giftable book
Join Mr Bear and friends on their adventures in the corner of the forest in this beautifully illustrated heartwarming book filled with three individual tales.
Bring stories to life with The Tales Of Mr Bear
Heartwarming magical adventures in the corner of the forest. Three beautifully illustrated stories including Mr Bear’s Christmas.