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On this board, we will share golf mindset, and golf motivation inspiration to help you become a better golfer.
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LISTEN TO ONE OF MY LATEST PODCAST EPISODES! We discuss the role of the subconscious mind in sports performance and the art of honing one's mental game, including a short lesson that illustrates the power of positive mantras. Click the link to watch the video!
Take yout time and make sure you read through my blog about a similar topic. There, I talk with Raymond Prior, author of the book Golf Beneath the Surface: The New Science of Golf Psychology. The discussion aims to understand how our thoughts and feelings can affect how we play golf. Click the link to read more!
Who can relate to this golf thought!
Don't beat yourself up too much on negative self talk! Click the link to wathc my podcast episode where we talk about the underrated superpower known as “self-awareness”, why it always pays to embrace pressure out on the course, must-knows regarding one’s short game, and the importance of team spirit within this individual sport. Get inspired by stories of golfers breaking records with only indoor practice and the pivotal role of social media in shaping athletes' self-perception.
T-Time Podcast // Ep. 60: How to Overcome Plateaus in Golf
PART 3: EP 60 \\ She also warns against “the illusion of confidence” that golfers tend to fall into at the driving range, thinking that they’re improving simply because they’re getting in some good shots. Instead, “I may want to be working on shots I suck at because those are the shots that are going to cost me strokes!” Click the link to read about this Episode!
How to have a better mindset on the golf course!
PART 2: EP 60 \\ Paying attention to patterns in your golf game. Can’t hit your 3-wood correctly? Blading or chinking your chips? “Let’s take a really honest look in the mirror,” says Trillium, “and figure out where you can improve.” Click the link to listen to the full episode!
BEST GOLF PODCAST! Let's talk Golf Mindset!
PART 1: EP 60 \\ I’m sitting down with superstar golf instructor, Trillium Rose, to discuss the evolution of women's golf, how to get better faster AND how to overcome a plateau in your golf game! Click the link to watch the full episode!
I sit down with Raymond Prior, author of "Golf Beneath the Surface: The New Science of Golf Psychology", with the aim of understanding the mechanics of our mind and how emotions can transform our approach to the game and our performance on the course. Click the link to watch the full episode!
No Shame in the 9 hole game
Let's push ourselves! Move up to that 18-hole golf league! You will not regret it! For more tips to help you feel empowered, click the link where I sit down with the best podcast guest! Listen in as we talk about the cavernous mental gap between playing for leisure and competing with passion, and how a simple shift from one to the other impacts everything from our short game to our course management.
Mindset Vitamins with the BEST Golf Podcasts
When was the last time you actually shot your best score when you “tried” to shoot your best score? Don’t reinvent a past victory. Instead, recommit to earn a new victory. Click the link to check out the full episode!
Using Manifestation to Give Yourself the Mental Edge
I sit down with Tiffany Carter, a female empowerment speaker, money-making mentor, and marketing expert. She’s the founder of ProjectME, a program that taps into the power of manifestation to turn your deepest desires—whether in wealth, love, career, self-worth, travel, or relationships—into reality. Click the link to listen to more!
The Golf Wellness Series!
In this kickoff episode in our wellness series, listen in as Coach Dar unpacks the nine steps to building resilience, diving into such principles as embracing the suck and reframing negative thoughts. To listen to the full episode, click the link!
Take charge of your mindset in golf. In my podcast, I sit down with a guest who takes us the first module in his "Four Foundations of Golf" and its impact on people's relationships with golf. This section centers around expectation management. Click the link to read about our discussion!
a man hitting a golf ball with the text know your numbers the best launch monitors for golf
Serious About Golf: The 6 Best "Semi-Affordable" Golf Launch Monitors - The Left Rough
Are you looking to take your golf game to the next level and trying to find the best golf launch monitor? First off, congrats for having this kind of commitment to the game of golf! It's an addictive sport but owning your own launch monitor is a clear promise to keep getting better.
10 of the Top Golf Lessons I Learned While Playing this Sport
These are the top tips I have ever learned while I have been playing golf. It it's amazing how much I live by these! Need some more helpful mindset tips? Click the link to check out all my blogs on understanding your golf mindset! Get ready to Golf like a PRO this summer!
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