bring back memories, anyone?

Tupperware Pitchers filled with Kool Aid. So many childhood memories!-my mom still has this exact one!

Ha ha, remember these from the 80s! I had them and WORE them. Now my cat would wonder why her fuzzy ball toys would be stuck on my socks.

pom pom socks - Still wear these :) also known as "Tennis Socks" When you play tennis it prevents the sock from slipping down under your feet.

1970s MUNCH BUNCH PENCIL TOPPER ORANGE (one of a series that came from a cereal packet)

MUNCH BUNCH PENCIL TOPPER ORANGE - This came up in a search for something else, but how cool. I had this exact topper, I also had that pencil or one that looked very similar!

Hartley Hare from Pipkins!

Pipkins - Hartley Hare, terrifying, he looked like roadkill! All the Pipkins characters were somewhat disturbing :

THE BEST kids TV program ever. Oh how I loved Mr. Ben!!

THE BEST kids TV program ever. Oh how I loved Mr. Then as if by magic, the shopkeeper appeared.

McVities Chocolate Digestive Biscuit - Original c1970s

McVities Chocolate Digestive Biscuit - Original from the school tuck shop, to try to stop my tummy rumbling between morning break and lunch!

A far cry from the cds and ipods of today...anyone else remember recording the top 40 off the radio on a Sunday night?

Panasonic Cassette Tape Recorder with built in mic. I got this for my birthday in grade.I thought I was so cool! I could record songs off the tv and radio.Just be quiet!

Wallet from my childhood

Wallet from my childhood I used to buy these every year at the School Christmas Shop!

Jackanory Lizzie Dripping by the sea. Loved the tv series. The witch used to really scare me

Loved the programme and had the book but the witch scared the life out of me - don't know why I watched it when I was that scared.

Avon Lipstix Sample from the 80's!

I remember these avon lipstick samples! My mom sold Avon when I was young.she had these little lipsticks in her samples.

Do you FN believe it i loved those toy soooooo much!!!! I think it was Chris' and he didnt want me to play with it :(

spirograph, toys My mom had this set and let me use it when I was a kid. I thought it was the most awesome thing ever and could play with it for hours!

Boots "Sandalwood" vintage gift set, containing talc, bath cubes and soaps (c.1970s) (SOLD Nov. 2010) -

Boots Sandalwood vintage gift set containing talc bath cubes and soaps c SOLD A vintage probably late Boots Sandalwood gift set complete