applique with embroidery by Sarah Walton

love these pieces by UK based artist Sarah Walton… her squiggly embroidery, those floopy hounds, and a whole bunch of crazy/vintage floral patterns. Um, I have nothing else to say, as I am currently experiencing some kind of jealousy overload.


Handmade pages by American artist Samantha Cotterill. Free motion embroidery and collages with fabric when treated as a sketchbook can add endearing and human qualities to our work.

hinke schreuders

"'works on paper by Dutch artist Hinke Schreuders yarn and ink on paper on canvas. via the artist's site" SO AWESOME.


adoro :) / Heidi Turner: 'Robin' Wall piece, patchwork and hand embroidery on vintage recycled linen

Lauren DiCioccio

Lauren DiCioccio, Hand-embroidery on cotton muslin, upholstered around the The New York Times Sewing Techniques

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