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Alice Fox Tide Marks book detail | The 'Tide Marks' series explores the marks and patterns of material along the tide line of a beach.  Layers of mark and texture are built up with rust print, collagraph print and hand stitch directly into the thick printmaking paper. The pages are then bound at each end of the concertina. #artists_book

Tide Marks book - Alice Fox - rust print and collagraph on paper with hand stitch in cotton

Godolphin Woods, Cornwall

Inspiration for backdrop: Godolphin Woods, Helston Cornwall. Ancient and atmospheric house and garden set within an historic estate. In the Godolphin was considered to be the most fashionable house in Cornwall.

Arnulf Rainer |

Arnulf Rainer, Deeply suspicious of rationality, he investigated the potential of dreams, madness and the subconscious; to these ends he co-founded the Hundsgruppe under the influence of French Surrealism in

Deborah Kapoor, Peripheral Damage, 2015, encaustic and mixed media, 16 x 12 x 2 inches

Deborah Kapoor, Peripheral Damage, encaustic and mixed media, 16 x 12 x 2 inches

Land art... made by birds... (bowerbird nest)

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end wall

Life: A User’s Manual by Georges Perec translated from the French by David Bellos David R Godine (bilingual edition,

this ladder is my set and represents prudence trying to climb up and reach the devil, it is gradual as along the way she gains the corbies trust while getting inside the devils head at the very end. To recreate this i would use black rostra to represent the rocky surface at the bottom , then a ladder lit up by a profile spot light with a red gel cover. This set was unrealistic as we didn't have access to a ladder and wouldn't be able to use for health and safety reasons

'Eschelle', Neon Ladder by Ron Haselden, Lumiere Durham 2009 / Photo: Matthew Andrews.

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