Fairy cake

This is how a fairy-house cake could look like, made by one of our Fantasy Party bakery Partners. Origin of photo: Fairy Toadstool Cake (part of our Enchanted Garden Range)

Tea Pot Cake Step-by-Step

Tea Pot Cake Step-by-Step / theepot taart tutorial gepind door…

Frosting a Cake Style

How to Decorate a Cake

Use these easy tips and instructions to learn how to decorate a cake like a pro! Find helpful hints for frosting a cake, filling a pastry bag and more cake decorating tips.

I love Mary Berry, especially her cake recipes and I inherited some of her cookbooks from my late mum.

Mary Berry: easy fruit cake

Per servingCalories: fat: fat: 12 Ingredients * butter (room temperature) or vegetable spread (at least fat), plus extra for greasing * caster sugar * 4 large eggs * self-raising flour * ground almonds * tsp almond extract * mixed dried fruit *

These Diagrams Are Everything You Need To Plan Your Wedding

Its almost vow renewing time! Haha Wedding Cake Size & Serving Guide I like this bc it gives you the serving size in two ways, one of which is if the b are saving the top tier.

▶ HOW TO: Cover a Cake with Sprinkles!

Time to get sprinkle happy with the ultimate cake decoration! Learn how to make an awesome rainbow sprinkle cake—it's easier than you might think!