The cassette recorder, you had to put it close to the speakers to record songs on a Sunday from the chart countdown!

Cassette Recorder, I used to have one very similar to this in the I'd tape TV shows to listen to later. American Top 40 on Saturdays at noon!

The 10 Grooviest Cartoons From The 1970s

The 6 Grooviest Cartoons From The 1970s

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Mr Benn and the Shopkeeper

Mr Benn and the Shopkeeper. As if by magic the shopkeeper appeared.

Mr Benn was my favourite show and I failed to realise how few episodes there actually were of this genius creation.

Mr Benn and the Shopkeeper. As if by magic the shopkeeper appeared.

Vintage Fuzzy Felt Circus - hehehe, when I was a child I used to love leaving this on the chair so it stuck to the back of mums skirt!

Vintage Fuzzy Felt Circus 1960

Vintage Fuzzy Felt Circus Not only did we play with these sets, but our Sunday School teachers would use felt boards and felt people and animals to teach us Bible stories.

Mister Hartley Hare ... more manky than marvellous but he's my favourite tv presenter of all time.... swoon

Pipkins - Hartley Hare, terrifying, he looked like roadkill! All the Pipkins characters were somewhat disturbing :

Another Health and Safety loss in the playground......I loved this, especially when you made it swing in an oval and it would judder as it collided with the other side, if you know what I mean....

I would have all this old fashioned "dangerous" playground equipment in the inner-courtyard of my dream house