fun fall craft - leaf hedgehog...I just love little hedgies. by colleen

hedgehog fall leaf craft - I did this with my son's class and it was a total hit. I'd recommend using leaves that aren't brown yet, as the brown leaves are more brittle and hard for kids it work with.

Build the board up throughout topic/ theme.

Identify the major parts of plants, including stem, roots, leaves, and flowers. Plant Growth Board- idea for spring science.for my science bulletin board in April

Mini beast collages made with garden bits :)

Make with estuarine critters? OP: Mini beast collages made with garden bits :)

Inside/outside investigation table

Set up a "Nature Table" to display all the treasures found on nature hikes. great for scientific observations. {The large leaf is from IKEA.} Smith nature walks might be great to fill up your science center

LOVE this. I've been trying to think of a more productive use for dramatic play in my garden themed classroom!

Garden role-play area - could keep structure and change into post office, vet, dr, fire station to link in with community theme

Vegi patch I made for our dramatic play community garden/farmers market.

Vegi patch for theme of farming. Or better still, bury some veg in dirt. Nothing like the real thing and getting hands dirty!

Wouldn't a row of these be cheerful? Maybe for herbs and salad leaves? Or strawberry plants!

20 Fun and Creative Crafts with Plastic Soda Bottles

SPRING IS COMING :) Kids diy chia pet craft. Science, flowers, garden and planting ideas for kid's activities and learning.

Using bendy straws add detail of the worm :)

Halloween Party Food Jello Worms Recipe

Squirmy Jelly Worms Recipe {Fun Snack For Kids}.Not sure I could eat these but if I had kids I bet I would try the recipe.

Letter Recognition Game with Free Leaf Printable - Kids will love helping to make the tree for this activity.

This fun letter recognition game is played in a muffin tin dressed up to look like a tree using a free set of leaf themed alphabet letters.