Tracy Snowling

Tracy Snowling

Tracy Snowling
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A twist on the reuben sandwich, these potato latke open-faced sliders are bursting with flavor.

Recipe with video instructions: Topped with pastrami and cheese, this latke is the perfect holiday combination you never knew you needed. Ingredients: For the latkes, 2 large russet potatoes,

Damn right i demand the same loyalty in return. And don't let me find out it's not there or regret ever meeting me.

Zodiac Files: The Aries lover.

I need affection not someone that yells and blames the world. I'm not the one to sit around and take it. No matter how much my love calms my Aries fire. I will only take so many hits for love.

Zodiac Aries facts.

An Aries is hard to con because they possess an inner rebel side that can almost smell dishonesty a mile away. And this side of them will always come in handy when it needs to.