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a radiator with the words tras cast iron radiators on it
Traditional Cast Iron Radiators | Vintage & Retro Styles
BTU (British Thermal Unit) is the measurement of heat output per hour. When installing new radiators, it is important to know the output that you require. Without this, you may not be able to keep a room at an adequate temperature. Work out how many BTUs you need using our FREE online calculator on our website. Should you require any assistance please call on 01400 263320, we're here to help every step of the way! #tradsrads #BTU #heating #warmth #radiators
a black radiator with the words trust on it
Traditional Cast Iron Radiators | Vintage & Retro Styles
The Dragonfly model is one of our decorative options. The highlight finish beautifully accentuates the ornate detailing. Many customers find that these make true statement pieces which complements their interior design vision. How would you finish this radiator? . . #tradsrads #dragonfly #interiordesign #interior #statementpiece
Traditional Cast Iron Radiators | Vintage & Retro Styles
The warmer months are the perfect time to replace your outdated radiators. As central heating is not required, you can improve your home with minimal disruption. Find your new cast iron radiator(s) on our website.
Traditional Cast Iron Radiators | Vintage & Retro Styles
Find your new heating solution in our Lincolnshire-based showroom! Visiting allows you to explore our range more fully, and see all that we have to offer. We also offer FREE tours of our factory, giving you the opportunity to witness the care and attention that goes into crafting your new Cast Iron Radiators.
three radiators from left, graphite grey and foundy grey willow green - old pewter
Traditional Cast Iron Radiators | Vintage & Retro Styles
Whilst well known for our Cast Iron Radiators, Trads also stock a range of steel models. These offer the same classic designs but are up to 33% lighter! Many of our customers have found these to be ideal for multi-storey homes, in which fitting the heavier models may prove problematic. The range includes 21 different models, which are available in over 2,000 colours - from Cromadex and RAL Palette. . .
a castle lit up at night on top of a hill with water in front of it
Mont St. Michel, France. Looks like a real life Hogwarts!
a large white house sitting on top of a lake
All things Europe
Ardverikie Castle, Loch Laggan, Scotland
an old castle with snow on the ground
View of Burg Eltz castle in winter snow in Germany | iain masterton photography
Eltz Castle ~ Germany
a large white house sitting on top of a lake
Good castle.
an old castle in the middle of trees
Once upon a time...
an aerial view of a large building in the middle of a field
Burghley House, Lincolnshire
horses graze in front of an old castle surrounded by trees and rolling green hills
Elizabeth II : Balmoral à louer pour cause de budget serré...
Balmoral Castle, summer residence of Queen Elizabeth II
an old castle in the middle of mountains
100 Best Castle Photographs
Ardverikie Castle, Kinlochlaggan, Newtonmore , PH20 1BX, Scotland.... .... Ardverikie House, built in the Scottish baronial style in 1870, is a private house in the Scottish highlands. It sits on a promontory overlooking King Fergus's Island with its ancient ruins. The house played host to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert for a month before she bought Balmoral. It also features in BBC's series Monarch of the Glenn.