Offset 2014

From March 21 - March 23 was OFFSET. A weekend of creative awesomeness! This is a board of some of the works shown that I've gathered from the weekend.
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The Drayton Porkchop - ilovedust

ilovedust x boneshaker drayton porkchop custom cafe racer motorcycle 01 ilovedust x BONESHAKER Drayton Porkchop Custom Cafe Racer

Korean Subway | Jon Burgerman

This is awesomely funny. How to make subway/tube journeys more interesting.

Korean Subway | Jon Burgerman

A drawing game Jon Burgerman invented in Korea: giving people on the Seoul subway a new body to alleviate the boredom of commuting, 2013

Hot girls and Hotdogs | Jon Burgerman

Hot girls and Hotdogs

Offset Title Screen's & Song (Bodebrixen - Flying Eagle)

This is a compilation of all the speaker titles for the 2014 OFFSET Festival, which was held in Dublin this March The titles were originally 24 separate 28 second long clips, one for each speaker, and was played before each talk.