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Automates Avenue in Falaise

Automates Avenue in Falaise, Normandy, is a unique experience that is both a fascinating display of skilled art and craft, while at times like being in the middle of a scary Doctor Who adventure from the

What's the food like on Brittany Ferries?

Ever wondered what the food is like on a ferry?

Falaises d'Etretat, Normandie France

France… whoa I could do the thing like Elizabeth in pride and prejudice! I just need a helicopter… and wind

Driving past tractors in France

Driving in France is great! The well maintained roads, open space and glorious fields stretching for miles. But you do encounter a lot of tractors.

Day trips from Paris, France: Caen & Bayeux

Caen & Bayeux: France Day Trip Guide & Top 10

How to spend a weekend or day trip to Caen and Bayeux. From the famous tapestry to abandoned churches these are the top 10 best things to do (oh, and wine!