Barbara Hepworth

English sculptor Barbara Hepworth in the Palais studio with unfinished wood carving 'Hollow Form with White Interior,' photographed by Val Wilmer. via the artist's site

Barbara Hepworth - Three Forms

Barbara Hepworth, Three Forms, Polished bronze, 1971 (BH edition of 6 + cast from alabaster carving of

Barbara Hepworth - Pelagos (1946) | Tate (London) Primitivisme

Barbara Hepworth - Pelagos, Elm wood with colour and strings, I chose this sculpture because I think it looks almost like a fruit peeling in the shape of it. I like the way it curls round on itself smoothly which gives it an elegant feel.

Barbara Hepworth - "Moon Form"

Wisdom Wednesday: “I, the sculptor, am the landscape. I am the form and I am the hollow, the thrust and the contour.” -Barbara Hepworth Barbara Hepworth: Within the Landscape at the Abbot Hall Art.