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an abstract geometric pattern with circles in pink and white on a light brown groundcloth
Butterfly 8 | 12QU000669
an abstract geometric design in grey and white
Bright Pink | Geometric | Bauhaus | Wall Art Print
an orange and pink poster with circles on it's back ground, says bauhus
Bauhaus posters and prints | Bauhaus movement | bauhaus art
a pink and white wallpaper with circles in the middle, on top of each other
Salon de Milan 2015
an orange and yellow geometric design on a beige background with circles in the center,
"IMAGINARY (5)" Photographic Print for Sale by JazzberryBlue
a blue and white painting with black lines on the bottom, in an oval shape
Blue Lake Poster
the letter o is made up of small dots
Mirella Bee Pattern Pollinating Visionist.
an image of arabic calligraphy in blue and white
Blue pattern designs by zoe feast