Miss Print's "Little Trees"

Little Trees Wallpaper--Moss MissPrint wallpapers are all PEFC certified which means that the paper products we use promote the sustainable management of forests.

Wire Rope Cross-Sections #types #parameters

“Steel Wire Rope Cross-Sections,” image courtesy of Lam Hong, a Singapore-based wire rope manufacturer. Now, when I found this I strongly doubted about whereas to post this or not.

Joy D. Cho

Hygge & West - Petal Pusher Wallpaper - This wallpaper's got real flower power. Screen-printed on coated paper, a garden of vintage blooms a.

Neurons in the brain - illustration  Credit: Benedict Campbell. Wellcome Images  images@wellcome.ac.uk

A gene mutation that causes problems for neural stem cells – the building blocks of the brain – could be corrected by adding carnitine.